New Domain

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I moved my website to my new domain, I do like my new vanity domain, but it was not the most straightforward or cheapest setup. For anybody thinking about getting a Belarusian domain, there are a few things that should be known.

First, a .by domain is expensive. It is listed as $15, at least 33% more than I have paid for any other domain. This is the price before the 20%, or $3, VAT, bringing the total up to $18 a year. This was not the last of the unexpected fees, however. The registrar does not take any expected form of payment. What they do accept is wire transfer which added additional costs.

The monetary expense was not the only thing making a .by domain a poor value. The lack of DNS management provided with the domain was unexpected. To overcome this, I decided to use Cloudflare free DNS management. After getting it set up, everything has worked great.