WebPutty and Respond.js

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A couple of months ago, Fog Creek came out with WebPutty, a "simple CSS editing and hosting service." It is a fantastic tool which hosts CSS files for me. This feature in itself is not that special, but what does make this service awesome is that it lets me write my styles in SCSS and it also has a pretty slick interface for letting me see style changes on the fly. I was loving it, but then I ran into a stumbling block, which I'll get to in a bit.


I've been experimenting with responsive web design for a little bit now. To aid me in accomplishing this with older deficient Internet Explorer browsers, I turned to Respond.js. Respond.js will parse all of a web page's CSS styles and emulate the supported media queries it finds with JavaScript to the best of its abilities.

To be able to retrieve the external CSS files, Respond.js performs an Ajax request. Since Ajax has a same origin policy, Respond.js cannot access stylesheets that are stored externally on a separate domain, such as webputty.net. Respond.js does have a solution for this: a proxy HTML file that must be on the external site hosting the CSS. I asked the guys at Fog Creek to implement this, and they have so kindly obliged.

WebPutty Responds

From: "Dane Bertram"
Date: Oct 5, 2011 4:05 PM
Subject: Re: (Case FC2120156) [webputty] Respond.js
To: "Kaleb Hornsby"

Hi Kaleb,

I just wanted to touch base quickly to let you know that we've added the Respond.js proxy to WebPutty and that you're welcome to start using it now.

We're still working on adding documentation, but for the time being, you can use the following to get Respond.js working with WebPutty (provided you've already got respond.proxy.gif and respond.proxy.js already on your own server):

<link id="respond-proxy" rel="respond-proxy"
  href="http://www.webputty.net/respond-proxy.html" />
<link id="respond-redirect" rel="respond-redirect"
  href="respond.proxy.gif" />
<script src="respond.proxy.js"></script>

We don't have the proxy working in the editor just yet though, so if you're trying to test your media queries in older versions of IE, you'll have to visit your website directly (rather than via the preview pane in WebPutty's editor).

Let me know if I can be of further assistance, if indeed this was helpful, or if this raises any other questions.

All the best,